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Get 4 Essential and Real-Time Sales and Service Data from Your “Feet-on-Street”

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For Employee

4 Cliqs is a New Generation Daily Management Tool for the Dynamic Sales/Service Person, who’s always on the move. It is a simple way to consolidate the daily activities, expense reports, saving both time and energy of the employee. The tool provides authentic and accurate information, making the process of accounting smooth as well as speedy. Perks for the employee includes:

  • Bye-Bye paper receipts
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Effortless Working
  • Elated Employees

For Manager

At the Managerial level, the tool gives you a much easier administration and greater insight for the company. It provides you with real-time information of your employees, giving a transparent picture of the Field Process. You could evaluate the expenses and the number of client visits individually by the team, which would further help you to strategize the movement of your team, enhancing the productivity and the work efficiency. Perks for the manager includes:

  • Visibility into field processes
  • Higher Efficiency of employees
  • Ease to manage travel & expense reports
  • Business Intelligence

For the Organization

4 Cliqs is the Easiest Solution for your Company’s Expense and Time Management. We offer you to drop down heaps of receipts for a comprehensive and meticulous statistical data. Reports and other information are available to Central Office on Cloud/Office Server, which can be viewed as per their convenience. This information can be used for a study of time and resources invested on your Clients for a better Client Management, giving a clearer vision for the company. Perks for the organization includes:

  • Time & Cost Effective
  • Increase in Productivity
  • Secured Data
  • Easy MIS Analysis


Smart Scanning

(Coming Soon) Expedite the process of submitting bills, receipts, invoices by just scanning them and adding it to ‘Notes/Pics’. Submitting expense reports has now become steady, increasing the efficiency to optimal levels.

Expense Reports Approvals

Why waste time stacking up receipts, making reports and finally wait for their approval? All this can be done in few minutes by just generating and submitting your day to day report. The manager could view all the expenses, making it easy for him/her to approve or reject with just a click.

Real Time Location

With increasing and all the more time demanding distances, you don’t need to call every hour to know the location of your sales team. You could effortlessly get the Real time location of your employees through our web interface.

Swift and Smooth Reimbursements

The easy and timely reports submitted by the employees help the accounts team in quicker reimbursements. They could easily see the approved expense reports and settle the same, restricting overwhelming expenditures and inaccurate data.

Easy MIS Analysis

The easy MIS Analysis would help the manager to evaluate and manage the employee’s performance. It would also help one to analyze the expenses on a particular business partner in terms of time and cost effectiveness.

Chat Messenger

(Coming Soon) It is a one on one communication tool for the employees and the manager to exchange relevant texts/ images.


Full Featured App

The application is a complete package to manage your daily task and expenses, for a smarter business, anywhere and everywhere.

Secured Cloud Storage

The Data is secure with 4Cliqs and is stored in an encrypted cloud-based system with multiple servers, which has strict access control.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The smart web Dashboard gives an opportunity to gain more visibility into business expenditures and hence, a greater insight to manage them in a better manner.

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