We respect your privacy.

At 4cliqs, we are committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers. We do not sell, rent, or loan any identifiable information at the individual level regarding its customers to any third party. Any information you give us is held with utmost care and security. .

Application Related Permissions in 4Cliqs App.

Although certain application related permission are required for improving the user experience:

Admin Privilege (Access): For optimal performance, 4Cliqs app requires Admin Privilege. This access is required to restart app /custom services automatically in case of any inadvertent event such phone restart, swipe kill, etc. and to avoid force stop. The app doesn’t access any other system / OS level function or feature. As a user, you will be given the option to activate / cancel this feature when you start 4Cliqs for the very first time.

Precise Location(GPS and Network based): Allows the app to determine precise location using GPS as well as triangulation of network-based location. This is part of the on and off duty detail feature that is been used.

Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage: This permission is needed to add and delete photos and logs them locally.

Read the contents of your USB storage: This permission is needed to read and write App event Logs & to store customer visit/expense images from the processes in the app.

Run at startup: Application service starts automatically in background after a phone gets restarted.

Read phone status and Identity: Allows the app to find known accounts on the device. This permission is used for any place in the app where we allow you to share or send something via email. This is so we can list out all the email accounts setup on the device for the user to pick which account to use.

Take picture and Videos: Allows the app to use the camera sensors. This permission is used by both the Photo Gallery and My profile section of the application to allow a user to click pictures.

Control Vibration: This is required to generate vibration at the time of displaying notification.

Full Network Access: Application requires internet and the network connectivity for its working.

Modify System Settings: Allows the app to read device telephony information and cellular identity, as well as persistent device identifiers such as MAC address, Android ID, etc. This permission is also used for a bunch of stuff but the most important thing is syncing. We need a unique ID for the device so that we can make sure that we always sync the right stuff to the device. We use the Device ID to make sure we have a solid one-to-one relationship for every device in our system.

For any concerns or further clarification, please drop us an email on support@4cliqs.com